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The most indulgent yet the simplest most natural treatment we offers is our multi award winning Seaweed Bath experience.

Seaweed Baths are well known to offer some fantastic health and beauty benefits, but the fun and enjoyment they offer are a not so well known fact. SOAK the only authentic Bathhouse of its kind in the UK and the East coast of Ireland is here to change all that.........

Seaweed bathing has enriched the lives of the people on this island for more than a century. In Victorian times hot seawater baths were all the rage. Farmers along the coast who used seaweed for fertiliser found handling the weed brought relief from hacks and other sores. At some point someone put two and two together and got MAGIC.

We have six single seaweed bathing rooms which can be shared (usually by couples) if desired and we have one double room (two baths).


• Sessions last for one hour.
• Towels and hair drying facilities are provided. 
• Bring your favorite CD or choose one from our selection.
• Fresh seaweed is used for every bath. 
• Groups can be catered for.

Bookings are advisable but not essential. Call us to book a session and revive your

body the natural way.

"Seaweed baths are amazing you go in feeling stressed out, tired and grumpy and come out like a new person, refreshed, and feeling great. Soak is fantastic"

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Single Seaweed Bath | £30 | 1hr

Treat yourself to your very own private seaweed bathing room complete with a single traditional seaweed bath, a shower and an individual steam pod*.

T: 00 44 (0) 28 

4372 6002

Shared Single Seaweed Bath | £50 | 1hr

Bring your partner and share a private seaweed bathing room complete with a single traditional seaweed bath, a shower and a steam pod*.

T: 00 44 (0) 28 4372 6002

Double Deluxe Seaweed Bath | £60 | 1hr

Enjoy our double seaweed bathing room complete with two traditional seaweed baths, a shower and a steam pod. 

Perfect for couples, friends or family.

T: 00 44 (0) 28 4372 6002

Additional Person In Bathroom | £20

If you request an additional person to share the bathroom with you. Usually only recomended for the double bathroom.


*In the single and shared single bathrooms you have a choice of steam pod. Click the button below for more information.

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Each bathroom is wired for sound so bring along your favourite CD