Q. What do I need to bring with me.
A. Really you don’t need to bring anything. We do suggest that you bring your own choice of CD to listen to but we have a list you can choose from if you prefer. We provide towels. The rooms are completely private and self contained so you don’t need to wear a swimming costume, unless you prefer to.

Q. Should I use shampoo and shower gel afterwards.
A. To get the maximum benefit from your bath we suggest that you finish the session of with a cool shower and that you don’t use toiletries. This means the natural oils stay on your skin and hair for longer. It is of course ultimately up to you.

Q. Can I use the seaweed baths when I’m pregnant?
A. We advise that you moderate the use of the steam cabinet part of the session due to the liklihood of lower blood pressure during pregnancy, which may cause dizzyness. There should be no problem with having a seaweed bath as long as you are sensible about the water temperature and take your time getting out. It’s great for relaxing and the oils can even be good for stretch marks! We always recommend you check with your GP however if you have any particular concerns.

Q. Can I use the seaweed baths when I am suffering from under active thyroid.
A. Yes. The seaweed baths actually stimulate thyroid so they can help an under active thyroid condition. However we don’t recommend anyone with an over active thyroid uses them. We always recommend you check with your GP however if you have any particular concerns.

Q. How will I know what to do when I go into the room.
A. A staff member at SOAK will show you to your room and explain how everything works.

Q. Is there somewhere I can dry my hair afterwards?
A. Yes we have a hair drying room.

Q. Where can I park when I arrive
A. There is a car park diagonally opposite SOAK.

Q. Where do you get the seaweed?
A. The seaweed used at SOAK is harvested by ourselves locally all around the South Down Coastline. Sustainable methods are used and a rotation system is in place.

Q. What happens to the used seaweed after my bath?
A. We gather it up and then bring it to a local farmer who then uses it as fertiliser.

Q. Is there fresh seaweed used for every bath?
A. Yes. A freshly picked and washed bucket of seaweed is scalded just prior to being put in your bath. Seaweed is never re-used in the bath. You are welcome to take it home with you for the garden. Please ask a member of staff.

Q. I have difficulty getting in and out of the bath. Can you offer any help?
A. All baths have grab rails to assist you in getting in and out of the bath. In addition we can provide steps and/or a bath seat to help you further. We can also provide a chair lift which will lower you in and out of the bath. Please note this will need to be requested at the time of booking. We are normally on hand to assist if required, bearing in mind it will normally be male staff. However we would prefer that you bring a helper with you if you feel that this is a likely requirement. Feel free to come and have a look around before you book.

Q. Is the bath warm?
A. Yes. A certain amount of very hot water is put in the bath prior to you entering the room. You will then have complete control over filling and setting the temperature of the bath. There is both hot and cold running seawater at your disposal.

Q. Does the seaweed smell?
A. The seaweed we use is harvested fresh from the rocks on which it grows. Often people associate seaweed with the rotting drift they see lying on the upper part of the shoreline. This seaweed is dead and usually rotten. Seaweed is just like a vegetable, once picked it has a shelf life.

Q. How can I be sure there are no creatures in my bath?
A. The seaweed is thoroughly washed in fresh water and every effort is made to remove any sea life. Just prior to being put in your bath it is also scalded in seawater which will ensure that there is nothing living left. However since this is a natural product and is not processed in any way other than washed and scalded we cannot make any guarantees.

Q. Are the rooms private?
A. Yes, each room is completely private and self contained. A staff member will accompany you to your room initially and explain how everything works. When they leave you can lock the door and shut out the rest of the world for an hour.

Q. Do you provide robes?
A. Yes, if you are having a seaweed bath as well as a treatment we will provide you with a robe.

Q. Do you offer any treatments which are suitable to have during pregnancy?
A. Yes we offer various treatments which are suitable during pregnancy. Please click here for more information.

Q. What kind of food do you offer in your tea room?
A. We offer tea, coffee, scones and tray bakes. We do not offer cooked meals.