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The Bathhouse Treatments

Seaweed Baths
The most indulgent yet the simplest most natural treatment we offers is our multi award winning Seaweed Bath experience. Seaweed Baths are well known to offer some fantastic health and beauty benefits, but the fun and enjoyment they offer are a not so well known fact. SOAK the only authentic Bathhouse of its kind in the UK and the East coast of Ireland is here to change all that…

Seaweed bathing has enriched the lives of the people on this island for more than a century. In Victorian times hot seawater baths were all the rage. Farmers along the coast who used seaweed for fertiliser found handling the weed brought relief from hacks and other sores. At some point someone put two and two together and got MAGIC.

We have six single seaweed bathing rooms which can be shared (usually by couples) if desired, and we have one double room (two baths).

  • Sessions last for one hour.
  • Towels and hair drying facilities are provided.
  • Bring your favourite CD or choose one from our selection.
  • Fresh seaweed is used for every bath.
  • Groups can be catered for.
  • Bookings are advisable but not essential. Call us to book a session and revive your body the natural way.

Start off with a gentle steam in your private steam pod followed by a soak in a lovely nutrient and mineral rich fresh seaweed bath. Finish off with a cool fresh water shower to close the pores. Towels and drinking water provided.

Single Seaweed Bath (1 person, 1 bath) | 1hr | £30.00

Shared Single Seaweed Bath (2 people, 1 bath) | 1hr | £50.00

Double Deluxe Seaweed Bath (2 people, 2 baths) | 1hr | £60.00

Indian Head Massage | 30mins | £40.00
Relaxing pressure point scalp massage.

Back, Neck and Scalp Massage | 45mins | £45.00
Designed to energise, de-stress and break down knots.

Full Body Massage | 1hr | £60.00
Full body treatment designed to calm, relax and balance your body.

Sports/Deep Tissue Massage | £65 | 1hr
Tailored for your needs. (May not be available every day.)

Stress Reliever | £90 | 1.5hrs
Full body massage treatment designed to calm, relax and balance your body, followed by an express facial treatment.

Dry hydro-therapy massage bed | 20mins | £15
Relax on our state of the art hydro massage bed. No need to get undressed. Just lie on top of the waterproof bed and enjoy the warm water jets massaging your body from top to toe. You choose the pressure and speed to suit you.

For Your Face
We use our own tailor made organic Irish seaweed based products in all our facials.

Mini Facial | 30mins | £40.00
A quick treat which leaves your skin refreshed and glowing.

Natures Essence Facial | 45mins | £45.00
Purifies, refines and hydrates your skin restoring it’s natural beauty. Improves circulation and skin tone.

Anti-aging Facial | 45mins | £45.00
Regenerative facial designed to restore and hydrate aging skin.

Luxury Facial with Neck and Scalp Treatment | 1hr 15mins | £70.00
A natures essence or anti aging facial followed by a relaxing neck and scalp massage.

Maternity Seaweed Bath (For 1 + bump) | 1hr | £30
Enjoy a relaxing soak in a lovely warm mineral rich seaweed bath. Ease aches and pains and allow the natural oils to gently moisturise any tight skin. Finish off with a cool fresh water shower to close the pores. (During pregnancy demand on your blood tends to be high and can result in lower blood pressure. So please be mindful and use sensible water temperatures. Government guidelines advise avoiding steam rooms during pregnancy. If in doubt please ask a member of our staff for guidance

Our therapists are highly trained and can adapt most of our massages to suit your needs. What we can offer you will depend on your pregnancy stage and your own personal circumstances. If you are unable to lie on your front then you may want to consider a session on our Dry Hydro massage bed. Please see the massage section for more details. Please let our staff know that you are pregnant when booking.

Facials | Various
Your skin is extra sensitive during pregnancy. Luckily at SOAK we use our own natural seaweed based products which are suitable for sensitive skin. Please browse our “For your Face” section and mention when booking that you are pregnant.

Soothe Scrub | 1hr | £60
Rejuvenate your skin with this all over body exfoliator as above. Finish with a warm shower followed by a light massage.

Rub & Tub package | 1hr 45mins | £70
A muscle warming and relaxing seaweed bath followed by a 45 minute de-stressing back, neck and scalp massage.

Rub-a-Dub-Dub Package | 2hrs 30mins | £115
A muscle warming and relaxing seaweed bath session followed by a full body exfoliation, a quick shower and then a full body massage.

Rub-a-Dub-Dub-two-in-a-tub Package | 2hrs 30mins | £220
As the Rub-a-dub-dub package but designed specially for couples. Shared bath and couples massage.

Rub-a-Dub-Dub-two-in-two-tubs Deluxe Package | 2hrs 30mins | £230
As the rub-a-dub-dub package but specially designed for two. Double deluxe seaweed bath session followed by couples massage.