About Us

Inspired by a visit to the seaweed baths in Enniscrone, Co Sligo, the Soak group was conceived by husband and wife team Dermot Devine and Claire Dickinson in the year 2000.

In 2006 Soak Seaweed Baths opened its doors to the public. The rebirth of a very old concept which most of this part of Ireland had long forgotten, seaweed bathing is a centuries old tradition, with its roots in the rural farming communities. Seaweed was and still is used as a soil conditioner, farmers handling the seaweed found the hacks and calluses on their hands got better when using it and so the tradition of bathing began. Soak is the only seaweed bathhouse in the UK and also the only one on the east coast of Ireland.

In 2008 the Bathhouse expanded with the addition of three purpose built treatment rooms to be used for a range of holistic treatments. The three fully equipped rooms are where we offer an enormous variety of treatments catering for all tastes.

In 2009 the Bathhouse expanded again to add on a tea room. Guests had expessed a desire to stay on at SOAK after or between baths and treatments. The tea room offers a.great place to relax with a cuppa after a relaxing treatment or bath.

In 2013 SOAK launched it’s own range of natural seaweed products. The Soak Seaweed skincare range was a natural progression encompassing the couple’s love and understanding of the marine environment and the undeniable healing properties of seaweed. The products are used in the treatment rooms and are available to purchase in our shop. 

“This had never been done before in Northern Ireland. We were in effect writing the rule book”

Dermot Devine, Owner