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We recommend regular massage to help prevent muscular strains and injuries, increase joint mobility and strengthen your immune system. For best results we recommend having a seaweed bath prior to any of our massage treatments.

Indian Head Massage | £30 | 30mins

Relaxing pressure point scalp massage.

Back, Neck & Scalp Massage |£35 | 45mins

Designed to energise, de-stress and break down knots.

Full Body Massage | £40 | 1hr

Full body treatment designed to calm, relax and balance your body.

Sports/Deep Tissue Massage | £50 | 1hr

Tailored for your needs. Your therapist will concentrate on any specific problem areas you have. 

(May not be available every day.) 


Back, neck & Scalp Massage with hot stones | £40 | £45mins

Designed to energise, destress and break down knots using hot stone techniques.

Holistic Body Care with Hot Stones | £60 | 1.5hrs

Starts with a full body exfoliation and a quick shower. Followed by a full body massage using hot stone techniques. Designed to calm, relax and balance your body.

 Stress Reliever | £55 | 1.5hrs

Full body massage treatment designed to calm, relax and balance your body, followed by an express facial treatment.

Dry Hydro-Therapy Massage Bed | 20mins | £10

Relax on our state of the art hydro massage bed. No need to get undressed. Just lie on top of the waterproof bed and enjoy the warm water jets massaging your body from top to toe. You choose the pressure and speed to suit you.

"The beauticians were so friendy and accomodating to our every need!" 

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